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Blancostudio was established in 2020 by Conchita Blanco, a Balinese architect and designer. Born in 1992 Conchita spent most of her early childhood in Bali before moving to Australia. As the granddaughter of a famous Spanish painter Don Antonio Blanco and Balinese Dancer Ni Rondji, influenced her to be creative and explore her artistic interest. In 2014, she graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor’s degree in Environments and a Master’s degree in Architecture.

Despite spending the last 10 years of her life in Australia she always felt the urge to return home to further pursue her design expertise in Indonesia. Upon her return in 2015, Conchita joined Andramatin— one of Indonesia’s leading architectural firms where she was involved in large scale hospitality and commercial projects to designing art installation for the Venice Biennale Architettura.  Beyond her work as an architect at Andramatin, she also began designing products and furniture for Kalpa Taru, a custom woodworking atelier based in Bali. With a combination of strong design instinct and aesthetic vision, Conchita was appointed creative director and principal designer of the company in 2018. Through this role, she developed her extensive knowledge of Indonesian craftsmanship, as well as her keen sense of working with local materials, specifically Indonesia’s coveted array of sustainably sourced tropical hardwoods.

Conchita’s approach in design has always been focused on incorporating natural materials, with a strong emphasis on simplicity and bespoke details. In this perspective, the success of a design is primarily focused on responding to the context. The client, the site, the direction of the sun and the materiality of Indonesian resources all play an important role in the development of her designs—for every building to exist in harmony with its surrounding environment.